Thursday, 3 July 2014

5 Title Checks before Selling your Home in Calgary

On a property title there are the owners, the legal description, and any instruments that apply to the property and the owner. An instrument is basically an item on your title. This can include your mortgage, restrictive covenants, liens, utility right away, etc.

When reviewing your title first check the legal description and the address that is on there to make sure there are no mistakes. One of my clients saw that the type of street was incorrect on the title. Fortunately they caught it before transferring title.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Buyers need an Agreement when Buying a home in Calgary

In the contract for listing your property you are fully aware of the obligations of each party – the home owner and the Calgary Realtor. So shouldn’t the buyer on the other end also know what their obligations are and the real estate agents obligations are when buying a home?

Back in the day, home owners got all the attention when a deal was made in selling their home, so we saw a fair amount of transactions that both the seller and buyer were represented by the seller’s real estate agent…. or more like the seller was represented and the buyer wasn’t.