Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Finding Houses for Sale in Calgary that Suit your Budget and Lifestyle

Many luxury houses for sale in Calgary may be the ideal options for buyers with similar profiles. For instance, million-dollar mansions serve as the new homes of migrant business professionals who see fit to invest in the city’s lucrative energy sector. Other high-end home buyers also contribute to the upswing in luxury home sales. Upscale single-family houses typically have more than 3 bedrooms as well as expansive indoor and outdoor living spaces. The best models and resale houses even receive multiple offers from serious buyers and real estate investors. Meanwhile, some working professionals and downsizing boomers also find luxury condo units more to their liking.

Friday, 8 August 2014

A Calgary Realtor® Helps Seniors Explore the Best Condo Living Options

Phung further cites laws and individual condominium corporation policies that make condo living an easier and safer option for the elderly. For instance, some condo associations allow seniors to customise their respective units to accommodate certain limitations, particularly those who need access ramps. The leniency when it comes to these requested modifications enable the elderly to avoid experiencing “undue hardship” during their golden years. Ultimately, a positive condo living experience all boils down to choosing the right place for retirees to settle. Some condos are more suitable for younger residents in terms of amenities and policies, so elderly buyers would do well to choose properties that are ideal for their intended lifestyles. At any rate, seniors who wish to downsize to condo living can approach a licensed Calgary realtor® like Christine Ordze for help in finding units that suit their needs and preferences.