Monday, 10 February 2014

13th Floor Condos not bad luck if Moving to Calgary

I read this article A 13th floor Condo? No Such Luck where there is a difference of superstition across the States. In Chicago 13th floor condos are common, whereas, in Manhattan and Brooklyn it’s a no-brainer to omit the 13th floor with risk of losing sales because of risking bad luck.

In Calgary’s inner city there are 26 high rise condo buildings that don’t shy away from the unlucky 13. Twenty of these buildings were built in 2000 to 2013, and to my surprise six of them were prior to 2000. Surprised, since in the back of my mind I thought that only the more recent builders wouldn’t be held to this old superstition, yet condo buildings such as 1101 EURO built in 1964, The Estate built in 1980, and Eau Claire Estates built in 1981 have also chosen to keep 13 in the mix.

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